Brian Bradley

Brian Bradley, born in Seoul, South Korea, raised and living in Minnesota. He is currently signed as a recording artist at Bonfire Records and represented by Music Box Licensing and Engines Running.  His newest record, Purity, is currently featured on exclusive Spotify playlists such as Indie Radar, Solaris, Chillige Basse, New Music Friday Germany, New Music Friday Switerzerland, and more.  Bradley’s previous record Future Oceans has been steamed over 1,400,000 times on Spotify.  His latest audio visual performance toured Minneapolis, Duluth, Des Moines, Madison, Chicago, Owatonna, and more. Top cities of support are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and Frankfurt.

Top Spotify Tracks
Halcyon 2050 731,434 plays
Future Oceans 531,401 plays
Purity 265,624 plays
Closure Unrequited 150,304 plays

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United States
United Kingdom

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Gems & Secrets; Purity

Euphoric, calming, and mysterious are the words to describe Brian Bradley’s new song titled, ‘Purity’. The electronic soundscape and chilling vocals immediately demand your attention. The dark undertones of the track are beautiful and we love how Brian builds on certain elements throughout the track to keep you coming back for more.

Gems & Secrets; Dream

“Classically trained and technically efficient, Brian Bradley is a photographer, explorer, musician and a visionary. With their latest release, ‘Before Light / D.R.E.A.M.’, the artist blends a luscious soundscape with eery vocals, cinematic textures, and tops everything off with a beautiful sounding violin. It’s a real treat from start to finish and if you have a quick moment, we strongly recommend you check it out for yourself.”

Gems & Secrets; Halcyon 2050

“It’s like the producer effortlessly pulled together the best of indie and electronic music and blended them together to create a masterpiece of satisfaction.” 

Born Music; Purity

“James Blake meets Muse’s Simulation Theory, sound’s pretty versatile huh? Brian Bradley’s soundscapes are surreal on latest track “Purity.” “

Ohestee; Vespertine

When it peaks, it shakes the cobwebs from the night sky with a nexus of static that screams from one lost constellation to the next. Filled with eerie notes, thudding bass, and a solemn piano, Bradley’s forthcoming EP, “Future Oceans”, is one to look for.

Ohestee; Halcyon 2050

“Between these bursts lies Bradley’s dreamy vocals amongst translucent, shadowy figures that form and bend with the burn of your ghost.”


Brian Bradley