Future Oceans EP

Future Oceans EP (Unreleased)


Track 01 Future Oceans
Track 02 Vespertine
Track 03 Dimensions
Track 04 Halcyon 2050
Track 05 Closure, Unrequited

Future Oceans EP is a 5 track record with accompanying visuals composed and designed by Brian Bradley.

Aug. 23, Des Moines, Vaudeville Mews
Aug. 24, Duluth, Red Herring
Sept. 6, Minneapolis, Icehouse
Sept. 8, Madison, Arts + Literature Laboratory
Sept. 9, Owatonna, Owatonna Arts Center
Nov. 30, Chicago, Moe’s Tavern
Dec. 22, Iowa City, Blue Moose
Dec. 30, Kansas City, The Rino
Jan. 06, Brooklyn, Tender Trap

Brian Bradley is an audio visual artist, born in Seoul, South Korea, raised and living in Minnesota. He is currently performing his new AV show, “Skywaves”, a journey from Earth to Mars and beyond.

“Skywaves” is an audio visual experience designed by Brian Bradley. Footage from NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin, is synchronized with a live performance soundtrack. Other types of visual data are used to represent the visual manifestation of musical and conceptual elements. Mandala patterns pulse with the kick drum, colorful graphic designs flicker with the high hat, a slideshow of photographs streams at subliminal speeds.