Future Oceans EP (Unreleased)


Track 01 Future Oceans
Track 02 Vespertine
Track 03 Dimensions
Track 04 Halcyon 2050
Track 05 Closure, Unrequited

Future Oceans EP is a 5 track record with accompanying visuals composed and designed by Brian Bradley. This collection of work
will be integrated into the current “Skywaves” audio visual performance.

2017 Midwest Tour 1

Aug. 23, Des Moines, Vaudeville Mews
Aug. 24, Duluth, Red Herring
Sept. 6, Minneapolis, Icehouse
Sept. 8, Madison, Arts + Literature Laboratory
Sept. 9, Owatonna, Owatonna Arts Center

Brian Bradley is an audio visual artist, born in Seoul, South Korea, raised and living in Minnesota. He is currently performing his new AV show, “Skywaves”, a journey from Earth to Mars and beyond.

“Skywaves” is an audio visual experience designed by Brian Bradley. Footage from NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin, is synchronized with a live performance soundtrack. Other types of visual data are used to represent the visual manifestation of musical and concep- tual elements. Mandala patterns pulse with the kick drum, colorful graphic designs icker with the high hat, a slideshow of photographs streams at subliminal speeds.

Timeline for Future Oceans EP Release 11/17/2017

October 8th – Final Drafts of Music Materials
October 15th – Final Drafts of Marketing Materials
October 16th – Press Release Finalized
October 16th – Begin PR Run
October 30th – Upload to Distributor
November 3rd – Submitted to Spotify Playlists and Editors
November 15th – PR Run Complete
November 17th – Release Date

Social Media
Twelve pieces of visual media the fits with the Future Oceans branding and will help build name/brand recognition leading up to the release. Ideally, two of these visuals are videos.

Two of these visuals are to be released a week, and each social media should upload them on different days. We will budget a small amount of money for sponsored Facebook and Instagram posts. Generally, Twitter should be used to network, Facebook to announce (and network) and Instagram to build brand coherence.

Premiered on release date via one of the below channels. The goal for the premiere tier is to have a upload with more than fifty-thousand streams. This will be promptly followed up with a multitude of supporting uploads which I’ve divided into three categories based on their probability of upload. We hope to have a total of 50,000 total streams in secondary support.

Indie Air
Wave Music
Taz Networks
Chill Nation
Royal Music
Mr. Suicide Sheep
Koala Kontrol
Diversity Recordings
Galaxy Music

High Probability

Unknown Probability
EDM Sound Eater

Heroic Music
Strobe Network

We will submit to Spotify’s playlisting team through their official forms as well as reach out to specific country based editors. Focusing on countries where we have had the highest levels of success with Body Language, and Sweet Melodies.

The following blogs are split into premiere blogs and Hypem blogs. We are optimistic that we can secure a premiere with on of the below blogs. We will then reach out to the Hypem blogs in order to gain traction on that platform. Additionally we will be doing a blog blast on Subhub a week prior to the premiere.

Premiere Blogs – In Order Of Preference
Acid Stag
Too Future
Pigeons and Planes
Indie Shuffle
Fist in the Air
Delicieuse Musique
Feel My Bicep
Kick Kick Snare
Paper Mag
Under the Radar

Hypem Blogs
Silver Sounds Follows
The Record Stache
MCL: Musique au Claire De Lune
Too Many Blogs
Jump into Limbo
I Heart Moosiq
Fuzz Magizine
Audio Aquarium
Kexp Blog
The Morning After
Music That We Like
El TIno

SubmitHub Blogs
Will do a SubmitHub campaign to reach specific blogs.

1 – Set up call with Co-Sign (Odesza, Big Wild, Chrome Sparks), to gauge interest and price of radio plugging. Likely not for this EP but will give us good information for the next release.

Tour for Future Oceans EP Release

2017 Midwest Tour 2 (Upcoming – December)

Rochester, MN
Minneapolis, MN
Duluth, MN
Eau Claire, WI
Madison, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Chicago, IL
Iowa City, IA
Des Moines, IA
Kansas City, KS
Columbia, MO
Defiance, MO

2018 Pacific Northwest / California (Upcoming – January)
Helena, MT

Vancouver, BC
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Eugene, OR
San Fransisco, CA
San Diego, CA
Santa Barbra, CA
San Jose, CA
San Francisco, CA
Sacramento, CA

2018 Southwest (Upcoming February)
Boulder, CO

Denver, CO
Santa Fe, NM
Albuquerque, NM
El Paso, TX
Tucson, AZ
Phoenix, AZ

2018 Texas/Southern States (Upcoming February)
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Houston, TX
New Orleans, LA
Nashville, TN

2018 Spring / North East

Portland, ME
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Washington DC
Richmond, VA
Raleigh/Durham, NC