Brian Bradley is an American composer.  His self produced music intertwines electronic textures, modern beats, and symphonic melodies. Classically trained pianist turned modern day producer, his recordings are composed of orchestral arrangements in digital landscapes.  Bradley experiences synesthesia, music as color and space.  “My music is a series of rooms, places that were created for me and the listener’s experience.  Sometimes they are logical, mathematical, flowing organically like a river or body of water, and other times the composition is more of an abstraction that emerges out of the desire to create something that is new.”  Since December 2013, he has released 8 experimental compositions.  In April of 2014 Brian Bradley has found inspiration in the Akashic Records and is currently recording an album of all new material based upon this discovery.

Brian Bradley has photographed America for the past decade.  He has worked in New York City, creative direction for Thrasher Funds and artist James Perkins.  In Minneapolis he has worked for political figures (Matt Entenza, Governor Mark Dayton), non-profits (Spoon Foundation, MARN), professional sports teams (Timberwolves, Capitals, Wizards, Rockies, White Sox, Marlins).  Bradley’s focus is now on personal projects. The majority of his work is private and experimental.  In 2012 he started showing his selected works publicly in art galleries such as Sotheby’s, The Northern Warehouse, JXTA, Amsum & Ash, Gallery 13, and more.  His painting series Universe is in it’s third year and continues to develop, pieces are currently held by public and private institutions.

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