01  Prelude
02  I Will Return For You
03  Telescopes
04  Voyager
05  Codes
06  Stellar Landscapes
07  Lost Satellite
08  Begin Again
09  City of Illuminated Souls
10  Odyssey


Released April 21, 2015



Odyssey is an Electronic Space Opera, built on dance beats with NASA sound samples, cinematic textures, acoustic piano riffs, blinking arpeggios, with vocal melodies winding through the cosmic tapestry.

The opening track, Prelude, is a symphony of sound design, astronauts calling home from outer space, their voices echo in one ear and out the other, the roar of a shuttle launch is underscored by reverb filled strings and acoustic piano, bass notes hit the subwoofer and then disappear, voice memos of my one year old niece recorded on my iPhone, reverbed and processed pan left and right.  An announcer counts down from ground control, the crowd cheers, a voice speaks “God speed John Glenn”, the listener is haltingly immersed in silence as a clock starts ticking, the opening drum beats of I Will Return For You build to an epic synth driven chorus, “Odyssey” has begun.

Stellar Landscapes is an experimental recording, composed with a frenetic Sylenth pluck, and EDM drums.  Vocals intertwine through the Bach-like modulating progression, building to a chorus of thousands of small blips to create an original melody.  The idea of a Stellar Landscape is to see an environment one has never seen before, and in this song, music no one has ever heard before.

Odyssey is the debut album by Brian Bradley.