01  Journey
02  Rivers
03  North
04  Aurora
05  Transmigration
06  Norway
07  Jökulsárlón
08  Fólkvangr


Released January 25, 2016



A symphony of wild northern landscapes.  Composed of piano, violins, ambient textures, and sparse percussion, “North” takes the listener on a journey through snowy forests, frozen lakes, and clear starry nights.  Alluding to elements of classical music, this instrumental album explores new territory combining light electronic drums with cellos and fragments of reversed vocals used as a synthesizer.

The rhythm and ambiance of nature is it’s own orchestra.  While satellites float silently above us, waves crash on the shores below.  The technological world should remain in harmony with the natural world.  Together, these two universes should preserve one another.  Clean energy makes for clean oceans.  Pristine forests are allowed to remain as other more durable and economical materials are developed.  As long as one does not seek to rule over the other, a rich and diverse planet of experiences thrives instead of dies.

North is the second album from Brian Bradley, recorded during the winter of 2015-2016.