Mars Mission 1

Mars Mission 1

01  Opening Cue & Secret City On Mars
02  Brian Bradley Artificial Intelligence Corporation
03  New World Symphony
04  Mission To Mars
05  Solace
06  Aurora Discotheque
07  Halcyon
08  Event Horizon
09  Somewhere Beyond
10  And The Souls Of Los Angeles Reach For The Light
11  Seoul 5 A.M.
12  Look At All The Shooting Stars
13  The Most Beautiful Girl In The Universe
14  Cosmic Love
15  Miracles
16  Spiritual America
17  Ascension

Mars Mission 1

Released November 16, 2016



Mars Mission 1 is a journey from Earth, through the stars, to Mars.  For many today, the idea of making humanity a multi-planetary civilization sounds like science fiction, but now the possibility is becoming a reality.  SpaceX has unveiled a vision for humans to land on Mars within a decade.  While, the probability of death is relatively high for the first human mission, the reward is absolutely sublime and potentially terrifying, depending on your point of view.

Imagine living life in 38% gravity, everyday witnessing never before gazed upon landscapes, genetically evolving and adapting in a way humans have never experienced.   Humanity is in the process of pushing the limits further than ever before to make this dream a reality.  For the ensured continuance of human consciousness, it is vital to become multi-planetary.

It is my intention that the listener is taken on a journey, to expand hearts and consciousness through music, to better attune to high vibrational environments. Combining beat driven songs with acoustic piano, atmospheric synths, reverbed out cellos, and vocal melodies that wind and twist, soar and whisper. It is an honor to create a small piece of the puzzle that will lead to our eventual interstellar travels.  See you on Mars.