01   Björk Constellation
02  Hinterland*
03  Baptism River
04  To Lay Your Head In Water*
05  Lake Superior*
06  Woods
07  Seoul 4 A.M.
08  Lilt*
09  Dalliance
10  Window Weather
* Featuring Louisa Byron, Violin


Released March 20, 2017

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The word “Homeworlds” originates from the Norse creation myth.  Stories of how everything came into existence in the gap between fire and ice, and how the gods shaped the homeworld of humans.

Each track is a different environment, a landscape I’ve seen here and in my dreams.  Recorded during the winter of 2016-2017, the compositions traverse through barren icy landscapes, frozen rivers, along the shores of Lake Superior, through the deep woods of the north country.

Louisa Byron, violin, is featured on Hinterland, To Lay Your Head In Water, Lake Superior, and Lilt.  She adds a beautiful dimension to the analog drum machine driven tracks, her melodies soar over tundra-like piano chords, a distant voice calling you onward through the journey.